Valentines day

Guys – Why you need a VA for Valentine’s Day!

With VAlentine’s day fast approaching what is the best way to show your loved one how much they mean? There are many gift options available, but will you be loved up with super brownie points or single on the 15th February?


Now every woman loves to receive flowers, BUT they can be a real minefield! VAlentine’s day tradition is the red rose, but how many? Does a single red rose say cheapskate or is it understated class? Does 24 red roses screech show off or is bigger better? Do you get them delivered or do you present them yourself? How well do you know your partner?


Chocolate gifts always go down well. However with Christmas not that far behind, and the New Year Resolutions for a fab fitter and healthier year firmly in place, could chocolate put a spanner in their healthy eating plans? Will a chocolate gift throw their good intentions off course, will it highlight your thoughtlessness?

Cuddly toy:

Whilst in the first throws of youthful romance a cuddly toy is often welcomed, but further down the line is this still the case? Will it just become another dust magnet? Does it really reflect how much you care?

The alternatives:

Perhaps a special treat, a day out, a meal for two, or maybe something more adventurous like a skydive or a bungee jump!

Well if the options are sending you into a tailspin then you really could do with the back-up of someone in the know. If you are lucky enough to work with a VA, then they can really be your saving grace this valentine’s day.

How a VA could be your knight in shining armour:

The odds are that during your working relationship your VA has had contact with your significant other. They will have gotten to know them and understand something of your life together albeit from the outside. It could be that a conversation has been had between them that you have not been privy to but could mean the difference between being attached or single come VAlentine’s day.

You may even be too busy to consider VAlentine’s day – this too could be extremely dangerous!

A VA can help by offering gift ideas, booking, or arranging necessary purchases or travel plans. They can thus save your ears from the nagging and moaning should your offering not be what was anticipated. Your VA can even be your scapegoat in extreme circumstances!

So, if you don’t have one already, or indeed of your other half could benefit from using a VA, consider buying some time with a VA. Working with someone who can not only save VAlentine’s day, but they just might save YOU and your business too!

A VA is for life not just for VAlentine’s day!

Think of all those brownie points your VA could earn you – getting a VA for VAlentine’s day could be the making if your relationship!

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