Bringing a little leprechaun magic to you on St Patrick’s Day

Leprechauns and VA’s are more similar than you think….


A leprechaun is a type of fairy and as the Irish would say: To be fair so is a VA. Similarly, to the washing, cooking and general fairies you may have around the house the VA is a fairy for all of your business needs, picking up where you left off, anticipating and being proactive, we just don’t complete our services in funny green outfits (well not all of the time anyway!)


A VA will bring a little magic with them and leave all your admin, bookkeeping, accounting or general PA tasks beautifully completed with the utmost care and attention to detail, obviously dependent upon the skill of your VA, and all without a taste for the beer or pipe (Well not until we clock off!)


Many a VA will sport just as good a beard as a leprechaun, but the difference is a VA’s beard will be well groomed, free from food debris and neat and tidy at all times (Even the women)


The real similarities now really start to shine with both a VA and a leprechaun oozing in wisdom. A VA worth their weight in gold will be wise in many forms of software and tech and will have an amazing ability to adapt to the client needs, much like a leprechaun.


Whilst a leprechaun will alert you of their presence by the tip tapping of their cobbler hammers. A VA will also emit a tip tapping, usually upon a keyboard, whilst they are hard at work completing the tasks they have been set, and alerting you to their presence, ensuring you feel fully supported at all times.


Folklore states that those lucky enough to capture a leprechaun can often barter the leprechauns freedom for his treasure. Whilst not quite the same entrapment may apply to securing a VA the savvy person who employs the skills of a VA will in turn benefit from their own pot of gold. A good VA will not only save a business owner time in completing arduous tasks, but also money upon their securement too.

So, on this St Patricks day keep your eye out for your very own leprechaun, they may be nearer than you think!

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