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Hello, my name’s Debi Noone, and I’m the managing director of the company Outsourced Virtual Office. My personal experience spans from my many years of working in business support services under many different guises, from general administration, HR, accounts, training, and management. My experience has provided me with a unique insight into the problems that businesses face regarding accessing the fully rounded business support they rely upon to operate.

Understanding the back office issues

What’s my why? I understand that the flow of a back office can mean that you might be in the throes of writing a report one minute, when the phone rings, and your attention is directed to an invoice query, and then an email notification pops up telling you that the social media scheduling has failed. Working in the back office, you need to have a varied skill set to manage all the needs. In order to achieve this, it often means employing more than one member of staff. I wanted to offer businesses access to a well-rounded team who can support them without the expensive staffing overheads.

Larger companies face the costs of recruiting and training temporary staff to cover absences, gaps in skill sets, or to cover projects or busy periods. Smaller companies, usually micro businesses, can struggle with limited funds to employ additional staff members. When they are financially able, hiring someone with a complete range of skills and competency is a real minefield – It is rare for anyone to be good at everything!

So why use OVO?

Why Outsourced Virtual Office? I hear you ask. Well in business we can find ourselves bogged down by pressure, deadlines, office politics and even the repetitive nature of the job.

Our team boasts a wide variety of skills, varying from qualified bookkeepers and accountants, experienced administrators in many fields such as social media, CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management systems) Email automation (funnels and workflows) and management, letter writing, spreadsheets, analysis, research and copywriting to name a few. Legally qualified and CIPD qualified HR and contract specialists, and our friendly call handlers.


Outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular and boasts a whole host of benefits. We offer both our clients and our team flexibility and fun, and teamwork really does make the dream work!

With our wide variety of skills, we offer our clients access to a diverse and exciting team. We like to be innovative and are proactive problem solvers. As Einstein once said the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. We are not afraid to push boundaries, or ask “Is there a better way?”

We are not stiffs in suits!!! – far from it. In fact, the flexibility that we provide to our clients and staff means that:

The team are happy in their work, and the client reaps the benefits

We enable both our clients and our team to maintain a healthy work/life balance

Our team are highly productive, committed, and loyal to our clients, and they're great FUN too!

Our team endure rigorous ability testing, as well as psychometric testing to ensure that the best member of our team is assigned to the most appropriate client.

The compatibility between client and staff member optimises the working relationship.

What makes us unique?

The fact that we offer a complete skill set amongst our team of experts who cover all back-office support fields that any business might require.

We support a variety of business sizes, from one man bands to large enterprises.

Our team is constantly growing, and our flexibility is our strength.

Our Company Values

D - Daring to be different

I - Imagination to be different

G - Get shit done

E - Exceptional client experience

S - Seamless support without the suits

T - Talented teamwork

Helping “DIGEST” your admin requirements!

So in answer to the question Why Outsourced Virtual Office? If you want to inject a breath of fresh air into your business, then our team are right up your street!



20% of British adults say they have worked an ‘all-nighter.’ – YouGov


17% of British business decision makers think making sure employees maintain a healthy work-life balance is not important to their company. – YouGov.

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