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How it works

Any business owner knows, admin is very difficult to limit to one area of expertise. You need to master many different specialisms to successfully manage the back office. Let me give you an example.

Picture the scene: You have turned up at the office, made a cuppa and sat down at your desk with a mind full of positive intentions and ideas that you need to get underway with, so you start designing a spreadsheet, leaflet or marketing plan when the phone rings with an invoice query, then perhaps an email pings through marked with “high importance” that needs addressing urgently, not to mention the to-do list you have been adding to since day dot.

When this happens (and let’s face it, this can be most days) you can find yourself constantly fire-fighting. Lots of things get started yet nothing is completed, and at the end of the day, you’re left with a sinking feeling, not getting very far or achieving anything like you had planned or aspired to get done. You end the working day with a knot in the pit of your stomach knowing that you still have so much to do. With the likelihood of tomorrow being no different, you potentially face working into the evening just to keep on top of things.

This is where Outsourced Virtual Office excels. Our team specialises in different areas, and we work closely together, both as a team and with you, to operate and manage the constant day to day battles you can find yourself facing. The team proactively and intuitively supports all the admin needs of your business, and we communicate effectively to ensure our team supports you as if we were your very own in-house team.


How we do it: – Seven steps to success

1. We listen

We listen to your needs to ensure we fully understand what you need doing, how you would like it done, and what preferred platform you would like us to work on. We take our direction purely from you, but will offer and suggest alternative ways if we feel these may be of benefit to you.

2. We appoint you with a main point of contact.

Irrelevant of what areas of support you require, you will only have one or two members of the team that you will regularly interact with.

3. We will then distribute the workload internally to the best skilled member of the team.

Each member of our team has their strengths and weaknesses, and we pair your need to the appropriate member of the team, whether that be an accountant, bookkeeper, HR specialist, call handler or administrator.

4. We will monitor and manage the workload.

Your assigned point of contact will manage your workload, and the members of the team assigned to compete the work on your behalf. We will ensure that any deadlines are met, and keep you up to date and informed every step of the way.

5. We then collate and return the completed work.

We not only collate the work, but we will communicate with you to ensure you are aware of what tasks have been completed, as well as asking how you would like the work to be returned to you, if we are not already working within your systems.

6. We then invoice you for the number of hours worked.

You only pay for what you use. No holiday pay, no sick pay, and no additional or hidden overheads.

7. We become intuitive and proactive.

The longer you use the team, the more intuitive and pro-active to your needs they become. We learn your ways, your preferences and business requirements, and we will continue to build a strong and supportive relationship with you and your business.

This complete and managed facility not only gives you piece of mind that the work will be completed by an experienced member of our team, but that it will be managed and returned in a timely fashion, all while you are kept in the loop regarding the progress of your work.

Need help? Not sure what? Call us today, we’d love to help!