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All of your bookkeeping is up to date and now you need to submit your accounting. What do you need to look for when employing an accountant?

Firstly you need to ensure that they are properly certified. CIMA or an ACCA are the most recognised qualifications. You also need to ensure that your accountant is insured. Are they competitively priced? Can they provide you with the best possible service?

Above all, you need to ensure that your accountant is really working for you. Accountants are not only required to handle all of your submissions, returns, reporting and communications with HMRC and Companies House. Your accountant should also be helping you to grow your business by forecasting, analysing and advising you how to best increase not only your turnover but in turn the value of your business.

Questions to ask your accountant:

  • How does my business compare with my competitors?Accounting
  • What is included in my cost of goods sold?
  • What is my gross profit percentage?
  • Is this gross profit percentage fair for my type of business?
  • How can I reduce my expenses without compromising my quality or service?
  • How much net profit is my business making?
  • Is the net profit percentage worth the effort I’m putting in?
  • What is my breakeven point and why is this important?
  • Which of my products or services are making me the most profit?
  • What can I do to improve my cash-flow?
  • How much money do I have invested in the business? Would my money be better invested?
  • Is my business in a good position financially – will it be able to survive a downturn?

Please talk to us if your accountant is not already advising you in this manner. We will show you that by looking at the right data you can maximise your operations, profit and resources.

Our accounting service can help you:

  • Guage your business within your industry.
  • Maximise your profits.
  • Advise you which products or services to pursue, and which to look at discontinuing.
  • Help you to identify and address your customer payment terms.
  • Advise on economic conditions and potential impacts on your business.

You are provided with access to fully qualified professionals when you use Outsourced Virtual Office. Our virtual accounting is completed in a timely, organised and precise fashion, without the over inflated accountant costs. All small businesses, self-employed contractors, sole traders and limited companies can benefit from our services. You will not incur any of the excessive charges normally associated with accountants. We don’t have plush offices. We do however have a team of qualified and experienced accountants who can provide a no frills, no nonsense service, at the best value possible.

Online accountancy is not only about the numbers, it is about providing accurate information. Accessible information which allows you, the business owner, the ability to make best-placed decisions to help your business grow and develop.

Our accountants and bookkeepers offer an unsurpassed consultancy service for your company. We work with you, for you, on your preferred software, and completely under your instruction. Our flexibility allows us to provide our clients with either an ad hoc service or something a little more permanent.

Do what you do best and delegate the rest!

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