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What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding is an address that you can use to forward all of your business correspondence. For many years the mail forwarding service had been seen as a retreat for underhand dealings. Due to our rigorous checks, this is now nothing more than a myth.

Why would I need to use a mail forwarding address?Mail Forwarding

  • You probably do not wish to publicise your personal address if you work from home.
  • You can avoid customers turning up at your door. Should your customers visit our address, we will politely inform your clients that we provide a mail forwarding address and encourage them to leave a message for us to pass on to you.
  • Manned Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00 pm and there is always a member of staff on hand at our forwarding address to accept any post that may require a signature.
  • A business address can add prestige to a small business while costs can be kept to a minimum.

Why use Outsourced Virtual Office?

  • We can provide you with a real address, (not a PO Box) to use as your own.
  • We will open all mail and filter the junk mail unless specified.
  • All filtered mail will be logged on a daily summary sheet and held until we are advised to dispose of.
  • We will ensure that all post is emailed to you daily.
  • We will post requested items immediately to an address of your choice. (postal charges apply)
  • A secure shredding service is available for mail that does not require forwarding.

Furthermore, should you require any other office based support, we provide a call handling service, as well as virtual administration, bookkeeping, payroll, HR and much more! We can help you with all of your office needs, helping you do what’s best – growing your business!

Please contact us to discuss your needs, we will be happy to help.

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