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Virtual Admin


Virtual admin services for small, medium and large businesses


How can our virtual admin team help you? Save money but do more!

How much time do you spend on your admin?


Do you do all of your own typing? Would it be easier and more flexible for you to use dictation and get someone else to type up your documents? Are you an Excel geek, and love spreadsheets – no? The virtual admin team at OVO can help set up exactly what you need, we can even make magic happen with the power of software like PowerBI.


Do you have a database?


Do you keep your contacts in a database? if so is it up to you to manage it and keep it up to date? If you don’t then perhaps you could benefit from a dynamic a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system), something that can help you track your communication with your clients, flag up your tasks, or even monitor sales funnels? Our virtual admin team can not only set this up for you but can help you manage and maintain it effectively and all within the realms of data security requirements – something we can also advise you on.


Do you do your own research?


Perhaps you need to research appropriate software for your business or industry information for your blog, we can save you the time and hassle and provide you with the information you need, or even advise or write this for you.


Do you have the most suitable software for you?


Our team, support a whole range of clients on numerous software platforms, and we are always researching new tech. You probably don’t have the time to research the best available software for your business, and if you’re not sure what software would be best for you, then we can not only recommend suitable software for you, we can ensure it integrates where you need it to, and help you reduce repetitive tasks and input. Check out our free Ebook, for useful advice on tech and how useful it can be in “Future-proofing your business”


Who manages your social media – is that you too?


We can work with you to create your social media content, we’ll design and our virtual admin team can even schedule your posts in accordance with your annual social media plan (don’t worry if you don’t have one -we can help you with this too!) You can download a free social media planner via this link.


How about automating your marketing?


Sending out relevant information to those who engage with you can take time and effort, we can help you automate these tasks, enabling you to keep on top of your leads, improving your conversion rates and freeing up more of your time on financial generating tasks, and supporting your valued clients.


How much does an in-house administrator cost?


Due to variable workloads, the average in-house office administrator is only productive for 60% of their time in the office!


The median office administrator salary is £17,201 per year, but in reality, this will cost you, the employer approximately £23,000 when taking into account national insurance, holiday pay, and absence to mention just a few hidden associated costs. This figure does not even include recruitment or training and personal development costs.


Outsourcing your administrative tasks to a virtual administration team will cut the hidden costs and hence you only pay for what you use.

How we can help


We provide an all-encompassing business administration support service for small, medium and large businesses. Our outsourced admin assistants provide clients with a flexible cost-effective service without the headache of managing additional staff.


We can support your existing team during periods of absence, working alongside them, and even helping ease absent members of the team back in upon their return, gently bringing them back up to speed.


Alternatively, we can be your complete back office team. Our main strengths are flexibility, adaptability, and access to our complete skill set, irrelevant of industry or business size.


We can offer you that additional pair of hands as and when you need it. Whether it be regular monthly support, or just helping you cover a one-off project or busy period.


Unlike other admin outsourcing companies, we offer a complete service allowing you to maximise from our affordable and indispensable expertise.

Virtual Administration Corby

How does it all work?

We assign you one main point of contact, who will liaise with you regularly, keeping you in the loop and taking direction from you for your required tasks to be completed. We will then distribute these tasks in-house to the best member of the team to complete (we all have different strengths). This completely managed service means you don’t have to manage your own expensive staff, just “brain dump” to your assigned member of the team, and we’ll do the rest.


Using a team rather than a single virtual administrator gives you access to a wide skill set, as and when you need it.

Where do we work?


Based in Corby, Northamptonshire, we cover the whole of the UK, providing a nationwide service for our clients. Any of our services can be utilised on an ad hoc, temporary or permanent basis, consequently allowing each client the fluidity, bespoke and personalised service for their individual requirements. No job is too big, no job is too small!


Working with you, around you and for you, we are on hand to help and support you facilitating your business growth. You still remain in full control whilst relinquishing the arduous administration to the experienced and professional specialist.

We are able to offer a full office solution to our clients, and if you need extra support, maybe call handling, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, HR or a personal assistant  GDPR Compliance please click on the links to find out more or talk us – we’d be happy to help.

An example of but not an exhaustive list of the virtual administration services we offer:

  • Mail shots
  • Data Entry
  • Producing documentation – Quotes/contracts/terms and conditions
  • Word processing
  • Database design & management
  • CRM Management
  • Data analysis
  • Research
  • Secure online filing & PDFs
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Management
  • Fax service
  • Preparing statistical reports
  • Software skills
  • One off projects
  • Customer support

Need help? Not sure what? Call us today, we’d love to help!